Danzig.org postal history of Free City of Danzig

A Belgian website about the postal history of the Free City of Danzig (Freie Stadt Danzig), an autonomous Baltic port and city-state which ceased to exist after 1939 when it was occupied by Nazi Germany. Danzig became part of Poland under the Polish name Gdańsk in 1945.

The website has several contributions made by Arge Danzig, Danzig Report, and The Danzig Philatelist. There are pictures covering Free City Danzig postcards and Danzig history and more information on Danzig covers, Danzig cancels and articles.

URL: http://www.danzig.org
Keywords: Danzig, postal history, Free City of Danzig, Freie Stadt Danzig
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Titel: Danzig.org postal history of Free City of Danzig
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